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Plug in Question

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I'm currently trying to get the Diagnol Lines plug in. But, for some reason, it won't work. I've moved everything to C:>>Program Files>>Paint.Net>>Effects, and every time I try opening it up, it always says "The image type is not recognized". What image type? I thought it was a plug in. It does this all the time I try opening it from there. And when I open Paint.NET, That effect should be under Effects>>Render. But it's not there. And yes, the dll. is there in the Effects(not Paint.Net, the Plug in files). It works for everyone else. Can someone tell me what's wrong? Do I need the source in there too?

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Don't try to open the plugin with PDN - just place it in the Effects folder and run PDN.

As for it not showing up:

  • [*:2nh7wcv2]Have you checked in other menus in case it has moved?
    [*:2nh7wcv2]When you click File is there an option called "View Plugin Load Errors"?
    [*:2nh7wcv2]What version of Paint.NET are you using?

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There's a thread in the Plugins forum for installation troubleshooting. Please post there.

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