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How do I put Plug-ins into Paint.NET?

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I can download the Plug-ins I want, but I cannot install them into Paint.NET. Someone please help! I will tell you what happens when I try to add it there.

When I download the Plug-ins I save them to my desktop, than I open my desktop folder thing and try to drag the Plug-in into Paint.NET.(I have read the Announcement on the top of the Plug-ins thing, but still no help.) I will read what it says on Paint.NET when I try to transfer them over"The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened." Could someone tell me why this is not working or am I doing it wrong. If I am doing it wrong tell me what I did wrong and how I could fix it. Either someone PM(Private Message) or reply in this thread.

P.S. Mods of this site could you please not lock this forum, because I have worked on this for about two days so this is pretty frustrating thing. PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP!!! :D


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