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Removing black from an image

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I'm trying to create a transparent image of my "Ruben" signature that leaves just the text and no background. I currently apply it to photos using the screen layer blend mode, which eliminates all the pure black in it, while keeping the white/gray parts bold and bright.

I've tried removing the black using the alpha mask plugin but it leaves me with a very transparent text and even removes the lighter areas of the image.

I just want to find some way to copy the effect that the Screen blend mode has on it when I apply it to another layer, so I can then save just the text and have a transparent background.

Anybody know of any clever methods as to approach this?

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I managed to make something that "looks somewhat like it" with Curves+ (Value in, Alpha out)

It's by no means an exact match though (it looks far less "bright")

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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yeah the Color To Alpha is the best way to approach this for now. I got it close enough to the way I want it. It did a great job of removing the right amount of black in the image, now I just need to intensify parts of it that should be "glowing" white so it looks more like the Screen layer effect.

Thanks. Big help.

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