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Fade Photo to Transparence

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Isn't there a possibility to do this with Paint.NET?

I search the Forum, but didn't find an answer wich was helpful to me...

Rick Brewster said, that this is possible with Codelab, but I'm not good enough in programming to do this on my own.

Isn't there somebody who had the same problem, who could send me his Code for Codelab? That would be great...

Jonas from Hamburg, Germany

(Sorry, for my bad english :? )

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If you are trying to make a photo transparent overall there is a way.

Go into Layer Properties and there is a transparency adjustment bar there.

Here is a picture that I created using that feature and serveral different pictures on different layers.



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O.k think that it'll help:

1) choose your image

2) add one more blank layer BELOW the image

3) Fill the higher half of the blank image with white colour

4) Apply Motion Blur DOWN at 90' with the desired value on white

5) You will get Fade from white to blank

6) Add one more image( any image) BELOW the white gradient

7) The highest image - is your desired image , that you want to do half transparent , so choose in BLENDING MODE ---> MULTIPLY


I hope that will help.

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Thanks for your help, but the result doesn't look like I want it to.

The lowerest Part of the Picture i want to fade out, isn't 100% transparent, i think the gradient only fades to 70% transerence...

I tryied to put a solid transparent part in the "2nd Layer", but this part is only 70% transpartent too...


So, if you really could write the code for me that would be pretty cool!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

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The issue is that there is currently no way in Paint.NET to transform the alpha channel of an image in the way that Jonelmeier wants. (except with C# code in CodeLab -- hardly a robust solution)

What he wants is a layer mask. Basically it would be another layer contained within the layer he is editing which would then be used to transform the alpha channel of the color portion of the layer. This way you could draw a gradient on the mask using the method of your choice, and it would then be combined into the regular part of the layer and it would fade to transparent.

This is something I'm hoping to implement for the next major release of Paint.NET. Just don't hold your breath, these things take a lot of time.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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