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Brush bug/glitch?

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some thing's wrong with the brush. instead of a solid fill of the foreground color, it's creating a sorta weird mix of brush and eraser:

when i just click, it's a circle with a line through it, and with a stroke its a weird pattern. check the attachment if this doesn't make sense. (i made this image by brushing on a white layer with a black one underneath it, and the green as both my fore-and back-ground color.)

i restarted the program, and i still get the same stroke. i'm using vista, and running it off of my thumb-drive, but i think I've gotten the error on this computer before i installed it on the USB.

i'm off to restart the computer, but i thought i'd pass on the error and see if anyone knows what's going on?


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first before you say its a bug check you don't have overwrite on instead of normal blending. to check

see along top where you have brush width then fill and then that antialaising button next one is the overwrite and normal blending.

make sure its on normal blending.

if that's not wrong come back and let us know.


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