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Help w/Re-sizing photos and keeping image integrity

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Hopefully someone can help me. I just downloaded this program and I need help with resizing a photo.

I am trying to take a photo that is 660x375 and resize it to make it 360x150. When I paste it in and try to drag from the corners to do the resize unless I drag perfectly it also pulls in the size and the top. How can I drag in the corners to get the size I want without having it alter the photo left to right or up or down?

Thanks for any help someone can offer.


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You can hold the [shift] key while dragging a resize handle to constrain the resize to the original proportions so you don't get any skewing. If what you need resized is the only thing in your image, you can also use the Image -> Resize dialog and check the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" checkbox and set the width value to 360. Image -> Resize will yield the best quality result.

Note that a constrained resize of a 660 x 375 image would result in a 360 x 205 final. You will have to crop 55px off the height to get a non-skewed resized version in the dimensions you desire.

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