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Small Tweak???

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To the default tool.

It seems by default, when you launch Paint.NET, having the freehand drawing tool, is a strange default. Even after using Paint.NET all this time, I still expect it to be the select tool...

Anyone else think that changing the default tool to select would be a good change?

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...I still expect it to be the select tool...

I get caught by this all the time too. How about instead, having it remember the last tool that was used during the last session, and making that active on the next startup of PDN? And/or, an option in options to either do this or select your own favorite tool as the default.


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Or even better, remember which tool you use most often.

The problem with his intellisense stuff, is it confuses users. They wonder why it used to default to the fill tool, and now defaults to the selection tool, and raises support requests to change it back.

I say keep it simple, just change it to selection tool, or give us a valid reason to WHY it defaults to the line draw tool, and leave it at that...

Just my 2p worth.

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