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Select text again?

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Hello! I am new in Paint.net and therefore I have a basic problem. I want to select my existing text again. I choose the layer with the text and the text tool, but it want to put a new text upon the old one. :x

Otherwise Paint.net is amazing.

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Hello there.

You can't with the current state of the Text Tool. You see, once you have entered your text wherever and finalised, it renders as part of the image - 'rasterised' as they say - so editing the text as you can with a word processor, for instance, becomes impossible as there is nothing to distinct from text pixel and background pixel.

It's good that you have it on its own layer therefore you can select the text, or part thereof, with a selection tool ( :RectangleSelectTool: , :EllipseSelectTool: , :LassoTool: ), delete, and re-type as necessary without destroying the background image unduly.

Yes, it has its limitations, but you learn to work with it rather than against it.

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