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Cloning Myself


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I'm no crazy image editor...or whatever you call yourselves. But I was playing around, and I made a couple of cool images.

As you can tell (probably), this was my first try, and it kinda sucks.


This one worked much better.


I think this one was the best, because of how close they are, and how flawless it looks (unless you look really close, or LOOK for errors).


This one was more or less just to see how close I could get together.


Like them or hate them, I'd like some replies. Critisism, compliments, whatever. I'm gunna make more of these over time, and post them here.

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First, I actually DO use the cameras remote. Look in each of my hands in ALL the pictures. You can see the light.

And yes, I agree, artificial light IS better. I also realized that my carpet isn't the best place to be doing this. It doesn't stay the same color. I will use my hardwood floor next time, most likely.

Also, thank you very much for the compliments and the tips. I'm only a beginner at image editing (which I only do for the ske of the websites I make), and that IS the best I can do. All I ever do for logos is request one, or just use text and borders. Kinda cheesy, but it works.

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Chroma Keyeing I think, is using a green or blue screen and then cutting yourself out of it. Adobe premier is a program that does it automatically. In PDN, I suggest using the "cutting out images the easy way v2" tutorial. I would cut myself out pixel by pixel - then I could get really, really close. Also, there wouldn't be an issue of overlapping because the only thing you'd be pasting on one of the pics is the body - without any background. So you could have a subject in the foreground and background, without any problem. Also - the less of a shadow you cast, the easier it is to be rediculously close to each other - that way it doesn't look unnatural if you get lazy and erase parts of the shadows when overlaying images.

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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