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Feature Request : Guide dragable from top &side ruler pane

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First of all, I would like to know if there is "guide" functionality in Paint.net.

It is a vertical or horizontal line that elements can snap to. This line can be positioned anywhere within the drawing and function as guide for placement.

Second is, would be great if this guide can be "grabbed" from the side and top ruler pane. Meaning move the mouse on top of the ruler pane, click and drag the mouse pointer into drawing area. During dragging a visual cue is display in the form of vertical or horizontal line that move with the mouse cursor. Releasing the mouse button cause the vertical or horizontal guide line to be place into the drawing.


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PDN does not have that yet.

The best you can do in PDN is using the Align object, and panelling plugin.

Well yeah, but the option to have 'crosshair lines' thingy that came from the top and left would be pretty nice, and a switch to turn it on and of...

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