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Lost the Layer's Window

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has anyone else had this problem or knows how to help?

I have paint.net v3.05 (and I can't update, I don't have 'administrator' rights on this computer). I think I must have picked up and dragged the layers box/window by mistake and taken it completley off the screen and now I can't get it back.

I have tried clicking it on and off on the 'Windows' menu and that doesn't bring it back into view,

I have tried shutting paint.net down, and also shut the computer down and that does not bring it back,

I have tried minimisieng the paint.net window to the tool bar and them right clicking to go to 'restore' and that doesn't work,

there are no buttons I can use to scroll the screen down to where it may be.

How cna I get it back please?

thanks to anyone who can help!

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Ok F1 will help you find how to fix the placement of the windows on your Paint.NET for your tool box and so on. Now in order to update Paint.NET to 3.30 which your going to want to do as help for lower versions is not supported, you will need to log in as an administrator.

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thanks for taking the time to reply,

but I can't log in as an adinistrator as it is a work computer and I am not allowed that power, so upgrading is not an option

I used F1 and it took me to the internet help topics, but I have looked there before posting here and didn't find anything that explained it

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You should point the admins of your workplace to this forum's rules, which state that you MUST have the most recent stable version (currently 3.30) to seek tech support. I'm sorry, but we cannot help you further until you have updated.

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