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WOW what a program!!!!

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I just downloaded this program and wow, I am useing it to repaint aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004, with amazing results so far. I am able to paint pixal by pixal for a very detail paint scheme. my hats off to you developer WOW

and to thinks this is going to be my first repaint and is turning out great :D

and it's freeware

I'll put some pics when I get done.

You will die,

I will die a Marine.

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I have just heard of this program, and download it, and this is absoultely amazing. Stunning, in every aspect. I have been forced to use photoshop for the last few years and i dislike its interface greatly, and used paint when ever i could. Thanks to this i am getting ever closer to having an adobe free lifestyle. I have been waiting since y5 (so 11 years) for this day to come!... Every Fault with photoshop has gone, and everything paintbrush lacked is now avaliable. I shall, from this day forward be using paint.net for all painting and texturing. Thankyou so much for this. If i ever become more than a student i will donate heavily to this. This sort of productivity is what the world needs. For the time being i think i shall go forth and build a church in Rick Brewster's Honer....

I must too say well done, and thanks, to all who made paint.net... Since i am currently unable to donate i shall go do a rigerous halfhour of pushups on the ad banner instead.


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Omg... it is stunning!

I've been looking for a program like this for a long, long time, and I found it! Do you have banners or buttons or so, that I can place in my sig on forums? The entire world has to know about this :D

Oh, maybe I can make a button myself, it's just so easy with Paint.Net!

En oh, thanks to all the tutorial-writers... I learned to work with the program thanks to them!

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