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Rate the Desktop Above You Game.

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Rate The Desktop Above You Game.

This is just a simple game i came up with combining two already successful games you play on this forum, (which i enjoy myself). This is just a bit of fun so don't take it too seriously.

Heres how to play ..

The Person Above you who has just posted will have a print screen of their desktop, Firstly (put their username to prevent any confusion) Now what you have to do is rate their desktop on a scale of 1-10, Then Write a comment on what you like about their Desktop and a comment on what you dislike about it. After that post a printscreen of you desktop ready for the loop to start all over again.

If you are unsure on how to take a screenshot, here how:

If you look at you keyboard there is a button called Prt Scr (Print Screen) situated next to the scroll lock button just tap that and then the image is copied to your clipboard.




I like the fact that you have got a cat for your background image.

I Dislike the amount of icons you have

*then they would post a photo of there desktop here*

To Get the ball rolling i will post a printscreen of my desktop, the next poster should rate my destop using the instructions :


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You should probably put a note on how to make a screenshot cause I can see lots of people asking that question.


+ widgets

+ vista taskbar

- lots of icons

- wallpaper



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I can fix that. Just not sure I want to because other people who use the computer have issues using my dock lol.

I think I have something that will work though. One minute.

As for the desktop above me, I like it except that the wallpaper seems really crowded.


Here, fixed it. I can't do anything with Documents because I have a lot of files in there which are linked to various things, and moving it to the directory the stacks docklet uses would screw up my computer badly. I put a folder named documents in there just so I was consistent about it. Don't kill me for it >_>


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I don't like how the taskbar looks, but the start button and wallpaper is nice. The lack of some kind of dock would suggest that there's a really cluttered (series of) folder(s) somewhere on your HD ;)


It would be very helpful if that screenshot was resized into 800x600, instead of keeping it 1024x768.

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