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Is there a way to expand the point of blur?

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I was just wondering if there was a way to make the point of a radial blur or another bigger? So that, if I wanted something long unblurred, but everything around it blurred, I could lengthen the point?

Sorry if that sounds too confusing.

I'm blurring a picture of text, and the word "Why?" is the part that I don't want blurred. But when I set the blur that I want, the edges end up blurred.

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You can use a selection tool to select the area you don't want blurred, press [Ctrl]+ to select the inverse area - everything around what you don't want blurred, then run the blur on the area you wish to be affected.

For greater Gaussian blur control, you could give MadJik's Gradient Blur plugin a try. It allows you to set the blur radius and the no-effect and full-effect distances from center, then smooths the blur transition between the areas. Note that this is a Gaussian blur effect, not a radial blur effect.

If I didn't understand what you were asking and neither of those suggestions helped, you could try posting the image result that you're getting and point out the part that you're not happy with.

Best of luck! :)

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