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  • 5 years later...

I just tried my archived version of Ed Harvey Effects in PDN 4.0.17. There are errors with






Looks like some of these effects are gone (including classic Dents). Some still load thought - so its not a total loss. These still look to be OK*


Blurs > Simplify

Blurs > True Blur

Distort > Drop Ripple

Distort > InsideOut

Distort > Lens

Distort > Multiview Warp

Distort > Polar Inversion Plus

Distort > Ripple

Distort > Wobble

Photo > Vignette

Stylize > Halftone

Stylize > Seismograph


* I'm saying they appear to have loaded. I've not actually tested they are working.

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  • 2 months later...

I've updated the links in the first post for Polar Inversion Plus and Dents Classic.


I don't have the other effects archived.

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  • 4 years later...

Apologies for the thread necro, but I'm curious if there's any chance an old or stand-alone version of the Half-Tone effect could be added? I'm running an old version of PDN and it would be very handy to have some of these in a non-pack format.


It seems also that most of the links for the others are dead unfortunately.

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5 hours ago, BlastWave said:

Apologies for the thread necro


Replies in the Plugin section are not considered necro posts. (You may, however, get some flak for asking for support for an old version of PDN.)


I'm not sure a stand-alone version of Ed Havey's Halftone effect exists, because the plugin pack consists of a single DLL, and has for a long time.

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That's fair, and I'll see if I can do that.


But it would still be nice to have the option to install stand-alone plugins instead of an entire pack, especially as I have multiple plugin packs already installed. I understand having it as a single .DLL is convenient for some and Mr. Harvey, but unfortunately I don't have any use for the majority of those effects; so they'd just be taking up menu and program space. Just a friendly suggestion, thank you for your time.

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2 hours ago, BlastWave said:

Just a friendly suggestion


You are not alone. How I wish we had an 'alternative' pack with seperate DLLs for each Harvey Effect. Personally I would install about half of them and keep the others in my additional folder.


(I have made a special folder for the plugins I almost never use - yet they CAN be really useful once in a while. So I prefer to keep them at hand - just in case - but avoid the overcrowded menu.) :)


Easily installing/uninstalling separate DLLs to get additional effects any time you need is one of the things I love this app for. 


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my gallery is  here


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