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Increment Movement

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If something is selected, and I hold Ctrl, and then I use the arrow keys, the selected pixels move in increments of what appears to be 10 pixels. This is great, however, it seems that while moving, it is really copying the pixels. If I use the arrow keys to move the selected area 1 pixel at a time, it actually moves the stuff that is selected. If I use Ctrl and the arrow keys, it leaves behind a copy of the selected area in its original location. I don't know if I'm making sense here, and so if you don't understand, let me know and I'll get some screenshots.

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I don't know if you noticed this too, but the same thing happens when using the mouse while holding the Ctrl key.

I had the entire image area selected in order to resize it but instead of hitting Shift while dragging the mouse I hit Ctrl and, wouldn't ya know it, there it was, a copy of the entire image area hiding underneath. :shock:

Here is a screenshot:

  • screenshot01.png

BTW, that's an Absolute Poker table skin I made a while back. 8)


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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I have got this "effect" some time ago, too.

The answer: Copy the entity to a new layer, resize it, invert the selection (CTRL + I) and delete the selection (DEL).

If you want, you can flatten the image now (CTRL + SHIFT + F).



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