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removing the background around an image

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i know this was probably covered some where but i'm going to ask any way.

i am trying to design glass buttons for a web page, and i followed the tutorial for making them, which is a very good tutorial by the way.

But when i place my buttons on the page i get a box around them showing the background color of the page. how do i fix this so the box doesn't show?


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You know, since you're making the buttons, you shouldn't have to cut them out when you're done. Just make sure you start on a new layer, not on the "Background" layer. Then, when you're ready to save the buttons, hide the "Background" layer, flatten the image, then save the button (as a PNG or GIF). The checkerboard in the background means that area is transparent.

Note that if you want to support IE6, you'll have to save as a GIF, or save the button with the requisite part of the background behind it. You can do this by saving as a PNG, opening the page in Firefox, Opera, or IE7, performing a Print Screen, then cropping and re-saving the button with the background area behind it.

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