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help making these?

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Are you requesting help with an animation, or a still with the flares emanating from some object?

If the former, then Paint.NET, as you should know is no native animation application, however we do have a tutorial listing the steps to create the frames for the animation. You will need an external program for the animating, naturally.

If the latter, there is a topic that I remember posting in which has a mini-tutorial explaining a very similar result. I will try and locate this again.


Also, not wishing to be a bugbear, your topic title is a little obscure. How is anyone to know what 'these' are?


EDIT: take a gander at this topic; the link should take you to a post from screenmutt containing an off-site tutorial:


That should give you an idea how to make the off-shooting energy bolts from your exampled images. If the tutorial proves too Photoshop-orientated for your liking, I give some small tips in my following post in the topic.

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