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Icon, Cursor, and Animated Cursor Format v3.7 (May 2010)

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I'm still sorta new at Paint.NET so please be easy on my cursors I made:


One question I have is how to I make the circle thing for Working in Background and Busy not all pixelated? I have antialiasing on.

It's not complete.

If you mean the little white halo around your cursors, then you must either fix it by hand or redraw it without anti-aliasing. I don't believe .ico's support alpha transparency, so anti-aliasing would cause that ugly halo to appear. But they are very nice icons, especially for someone who is new to Paint.net.

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I don't believe .ico's support alpha transparency, so anti-aliasing would cause that ugly halo to appear.

Uhm, where have you been for the past 6 years? XP and OS X both support 32 bit icons, and Vista even stores the 256*256 size as a PNG.

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Please, this is not a cursor creation support forum, as Paint.NET is not intented to create icons.

So ask your question elsewhere, or guess by trial and error.

BTW, your sig is not worth the 50 extra pixels.

And I dunno where you've seen square sigs so often...

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It is possible to do that in two ways, although really one way, but two means to go about it:

1) the plugin author writes the icon into the plugin while s/he is coding it;

2) if the author releases the source code to the plugin and you know how to code an icon in. This is handy if you aren't too keen on the current icon if one is present, or, like in this case, the plugin doesn't have one at all.

You would have to ask the author in the respective topic about icons, though be warned, the Dents effect is under the Ed Harvey package and that thread has already had some discussion about the lack of icons in his packages. Also, he hasn't released his source code, so you won't be able to employ option 2) from above.

Does this help?

EDIT: by the way, this isn't exactly the right to topic to bring up such an issue, this topic is reserved for the Icon Format Plugin specifically, not plugin icons in general.

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Each layer of your image will become one frame. The animation will work from the bottom layer to the top layer in successive order of which you can control the timing of. So, order your 'frames' where the starting frame will be at the bottom and the last at the top.

Does this make sense?

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