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Reproduce my Logos - Just for Fun

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Just as a little challenge, I was wondering if you guys could reproduce two bits of insignia from my website:


Shouldn't be too hard, I'll tell you the plugins you need (I think)

(I didn't use any tutorials for these)

The logo: Shape 3D (Anyone who can't do this and has used Shape 3D for over a week aught to be shot :shock: ), Glow

The ripple: (background of the page) a standardly available plugin since PDN 3.xx (not 3.0, I forgot which...)(I actually used a alternative one I won't mention)

Just for a little bit of fun and just to see how long it takes to impersonate my site. I'm dawmail333 both here & there.

I'll show you a comparison of how close you got when you finish. I'm not very picky about most of it, just needs to fool at first & second glances! 8)

Have fun! :D

P.S. As a bonus, try to make that glowy text in the header as well. You need a Vista/Office 2007 font. (At least I think it comes with Vista). Certainly comes with PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

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