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Slow saving of images

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Has anybody had this problem that images take a long time to save, nothing else can be done while this happens, not all images just most

I installed .net using the v3.5 full installation thats available from MS official site, so if its an issue with v3.5, I can easily uninstall it and get v2.0. I just installed that as it includes all versions and services packs and sort of future proofs

This didn't happen previously, everything was pretty much straight away, but I've reinstalled Windows since so can't guarantee what has been installed that may be screwing this up, other that the .net v3.5 installation

Running on a dual core AMD 6000+ with 4GB memory and all my hard drives are less than 12 months old and mainly SATA

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What size images (in pixels), how many layers, and what filetype?


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they are all .BMP, 16-bit, various resolution, 1-layer or 2-layer gives exactly the same result, but 1-layer mainly

I'll try uninstalling .net v3.5, and reinstall v2.0 and see what happens as thats really the only major change I have done to my system even before I reinstalled Windoze

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I think its to do with it looking on the network, as I had my girlfriends computer shared on the router and network so I can access hers to copy things back and forth without having to mess about with pen drives and such as another GFX editor saved straight away

Windoze is looking for the network but can't find it as I've removed all shares but for some reason they are still showing up so my system is trying to access a network drive that isn't there anymore, and waiting to time out before carrying on the task at hand

Working on it now, so I'll report back if I solve it

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Its getting odder ....

Sorted out the network drive issues, but it still saves slow, found out if I just click save then its as quick as it used to be, but if I choose save as it takes ages

Also, if I load an image using right-click and open with paint.net it loads straight away, but running paint.net and then loading the images using load then it takes a good few seconds

Another weird issue, I have uninstalled all instances of .net using Uninstaller Pro as it also does a better job of uninstalling software and also removing old files and registry junk that a lot of software 'forgets' to uninstall, so tried running paint.net before installing any version of .net expecting an error and it still runs without complaing that .net is not installed ??

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Further update :

Just reinstalled Windoze today from scratch, not a restore disk, but fresh install with a proper WinXP Pro install CD

Paint.net is struggling to save images when using save as and takes an absolute age and nothing else can be done with the computer until it has decided to complete saving, which I believe is somehow linked to the new feature of saving in 24-bit or 8-bit for .BMP images

If I save the .BMP image using the standard save or clicking the little disk icon to do a straight save without doing a save as then the image is saved straight away as things should be

Can it not be changed in the next betas to have some sort of options where we can control some settings, like forcing 24-bit or 8-bit saving instead of the auto detect as at present

Also, if I select multiple images and do an open with paint.net used to load each image in turn and put them in the image bar on the top of the paint.net main screen, now that doesn't work and when I exit paint.net then the next image is then loaded. I can deal with this but makes editing slower, not much, but its still an annoyance

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