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Image Question and help

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I'm playing with my business logo for a shirt that I'm making and ran into something weird. Here is the original image:


I selected the black stroke outlining the star and applied a pencil sketch. No matter what I make the values for range and pencil tip size, some areas are solid black. This is what I get.


Does anyone know what is causing this? If this should have been in bug reports, I apologize. I figured that would be for program crashes and hangups. Thanks for any help.

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Is your image merged/flattened? Because the radial blurs you have used have also changed after the application of the effect. If you could extract the star and replace onto its own individual layer, then apply the effect, that might work.

Give it a go, you can't lose anything with trying.

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Thanks for testing it out. I guess I can just put the effect on a regular star and then place that on top of the original.

Some plugins use the whole image to calculate the effect, even for a selection.

So the good advice is to copy/paste the selection to a new layer and apply the effect on it separatly...

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