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In a more recent occasion, I've seen it suggested that plugin development is a free-for-all where we are all out to get each other. I've seen it said that we all need to be happy and hug a lot and work together all the time.

Your referring to my comment about how I have seen a change in attitude of Plugin makers over the few years compaired to when I came here back in 2005 ? Yes to me it seems that Plugin makers are not as welling to share there knowledge and work with each other. I am not saying it the case for all of them or that it happens all the time. But it does happen.

But what we don't want to hear is how to do our job/hobby. We already know how to program, thank you very much, and would rather not have people who have never done so telling us how we should do it.

Pyro I think you miss read something here. No one is telling you how to program. Take it from me, if someone told me that I should not program using Select Case statements and I should only use IF statements instead. I would tell them I will do Select Case whenever I feel that it would be good to use over IF statements and if you don't like it to bad as long as the program does what is need and how it is needed. However what I am trying to encourage and what I think Mike is trying to encourage is more openness on the whole open source thing. I am sorry I can't help but feel the last part of that was pointed at Mike and myself. I hope it was not as saying we don't know how to program is an uncalled for and untrue. I am not sure what Mike is doing but from the sounds of it he is learning to program. I know for a fact I am doing programing one language at a time along with networking.

And this nonsense about Simon's question in the programming forum being "skipped over?" Well, this is not a programming forum. The vast majority of the users are not programmers, and don't know C++ from Visual Basic, Java, or Cobol.

I don't know anything of Simon's question and it is not why I am posting. What I do know is that the vast majority are human. People always like to learn things. It is why we have curasity as the mind likes to learn. I bet if members had the time and resources and knew they could learn a programing language that they would.

Pyro I only pointed out things in your post to explain what I would like to see and what I believe you have miss read or got the wrong impression from me on. I like to point out once again what I said in my last post as it implys here as well.

Now don't hold that post against me. I am not going after anyone, I only like this to be coder friendly. I like everyone here and I always try to give a helping hand were I can. Reason I am telling you that is because I don't want to get on anyones bad side and lose any friendships with any members here. I sorry if you take what I said the wrong way or think I am trying to hurt you. I am not and if you feel that way just know that it was not inteded. To be truthful I am starting to think I should not post my opinion on this matter as I don't want hard feeling from anyone.

If anyone feels that my post is attacking them or something I will remove it ! as I rather lose a post then a friend.

I am not looking for a fight or trying to attack anyone. I feel I must put that in here so you can see my intent as to me your post seemed to be along the lines of an attack. I am not sure and I guessing it only seems that way as you were angry when you worte it. I am sure you did not mean it to come of like that. Lets keep this a mature debate if anything. no rocks flying, name calling, or putting people down. We are all friends here and lets keep it that way :).

Edit: For some reason I used the word understatment in a place it did not belong and removed it / rephase it. Don't know why but it may of had something to do with the fact that I was typeing this while taking to a group of friends on ventrilo :roll:.

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I don't think melting forum sections will result in a benefit - but it is true, there should be something like a documentation (no need that it's written by Rick himself). For me personally, the lack of a proper guide comes to my eyes when I have to tell almost every developer about the localizeable submenus. There is in fact no "official" place on this entire forum where you find the appropriate strings. And I assume this is only an example.

Including new features (for developers) is one thing - to actually allow them to use the features is another point. What are new features worth without a guide how to access them? Paint.NET can do amazing stuff - and it should be public knowledge how to let PDN do it.

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All of which, of course, should wait until after 4.0, since things will undoubtedly change until then.

Oh, and we'd rather you work on 4.0 anyway. :-)


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