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trying to recreate smudgy stamp like text effect

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I am trying to recreate the following stamp like text effect:


Have searched the web for quite some time now but unfortunately was unable to find anything that produces a similar effect. The best that came up was this stamp tutorial but the effect is very different. I only use paint.net every now and then, so I know how to use the basic tools but that's about it. I know I am asking a bit much but if someone more versed than me could outline the most important steps or hint at what tools to use that would be great.

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thanks for your input Mike! as for the font, that's actually Katakana, one of the two Japaneses syllable alphabets. so you think that apart from the coloring it's just a matter of font type? what I am interested in most are the smeared edges, the bleached look and those water drop like markings (especially present in the lower end of the 3rd of the three characters). played around with Clouds a bit but couldn't reproduce. :-/

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