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Photoshop going 64-bit


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Good move. Most processors are 64 bit now, 64 bit OS's have a bad name, but that really isn't fair anymore. The only driver that I need but can not find for 64bit is for a logitech quickcam, not really important.

Long mode (64 bit) enables more registers (r8 - r15 and xmm8 - xmm15) and makes many existing ones twice as long (eax turns into rax, eip into rip etc) which is good for optimization since less variables need to be spilled, and the default calling convention is fastcall (affordable because of the doubled number of gp regs) which is, unsurprisingly, faster than stdcall, cdecl/thiscall etc. and there is a bigger address space (but everyone already knows about it). I'm not really sure whether the 'relative to RIP' addressing helps though. The only downside seems to be the longer pointers (and the additional waste due to longer alignment that comes with the longer pointers, stack has to be 16 byte aligned), but most data isn't a pointer..

besides, it's not like they'll just drop 32bit support any time soon..

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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