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Dr. D's New Gallery (UPDATED 4/4/08)!

Dr. D

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So... I'm gonna post my old pictures, because those are.. umm you know.. old.

I will continuously post my new ones. So... here goes..

Two Signatures for a Roleplay Game I play:



New Orb Avatar: (4/1/08)


Two new gaming sigs: (4/4/08)



Please post any comments and lots of constructive criticism. I love getting responses and I love to learn how to make things cooler.


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Hi there,

So I finally meet the author of one my favourite threads in the overflow section :D !

I am not deeply in love with signatures but yours look good (stupid question from a stupid person :wink: did you draw them from scratch?)...

Awaiting to see your new works,

Ciao ciao

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