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I personally use png for everything because it saves the image perfectly. I use it for photos and everything, not because I hate jpg, but because I am slightly compulsive and I like things to be exact.

Nods head in agreement


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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oooh. Something to note....

I just saved the same file as a .png and a .jp2

A nice and big (1024x768) colourful image to really test them.

Here's the image I used.

http://www.aatwo.com/images/gallery/tes ... 24x768.png

The results were very interesting!

Png - 1700 KB (1.66 MB)

Jp2 - 925 KB

It looks like Jp2 beats png hands down... shame its not supported by anything.

Why isn't this more popular? I am suprised that firefox does not support jp2 files!

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interesting plug-in, nice to see someone cares about Jpeg2000.

I have a 32bit Windows XP SP2 but it doesn't work. In the save dialogue, in the preview window, it only shows an image when I set compression to 100%, but it's a very high size then of course. Everything below 100% says the file would be 415 bytes with an entirely transparent image.

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So what's the deal with these .jp2 files?

Why would I ever use it and what does it do and what are the advantages and disadvantages etc etc etc.

The advantages are that it given much better compression with much higher quality than normal .jpg. As others have posted, it even gives better compression than PNG for lossless (i.e. no loss in quality at all) because it uses an algorithm specifically designed for images, while PNG uses a general-purpose algorithm.

The disadvantages, as you've seen, is that almost nothing supports it yet... which is a shame, really.

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I have been using JP2 (JPEG 2000) as the perfect archiving format for photos and special documents for many years now.

It is odd that it's not more widely supported, because it is LOSSLESS.

Microsoft should have included a previewer for JP2, but there's no point in delving into their incompetence in just about everything.

Irfanview (freeware viewer) supports the viewing of JP2.

I use COREL PhotoPAINT, which has full support for JP2 opening, editing, and saving. I guess the other major graphics packages also have full support, but you're going to pay for them. Still, I love PAINT.net, because it is a wonderful piece of software, and does just about anything one could want. I will give the JP2 plugin a go, for sure.

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