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Not enough memory (I read the sticky)

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Hello, I recently tried to load a 1700x2196 TIFF image into Paint.Net, and got the "Not enough memory" error.

I read the sticky, and used the formula:

(1700 x 2196 x 4) x (1 + 2)


=42.7230835 MB

I am using Windows XP x64, and I have 4 GB of RAM. Is there a 64-bit version of Paint.Net?

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble if this is a simple mistake of mine.


Oh, by the way, the TIFF file type was a 64-bit RGBI. This may mean something, but I'm not too familiar with the world of digital images.

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Does Paint.NET even know how to open a 64-bit TIFF?

Maybe it's getting confused...

Silly question, but when you say "1700x2196 " you do mean in pixels, right? 'Cause if you're talking inches or something.... well... yeah.

Do you get the same issue if you try again? What about right after a reboot, to ensure minimal RAM usage?

Is the image of a nature that you would be willing to post on the forum, so we can help better?


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Haha, I mean pixels. :)

What's interesting is that I tried The GIMP, and it warned me, saying that the TIFF used 16 bits/channel, and it would have to convert to 8 bits/channel. After I converted it, the file size was halved, and even MSPaint could open it, with no noticeable artifacts or loss in quality.


Presumably, Paint.Net was not able to open the image because the TIFF used 16 bits/channel. I'll have to change that setting in my scanning application.

While my dilemma is now solved, I'll upload the image as a curious anomaly, in the hopes that its secrets may be divulged by some image-master such as yourself.

I can post it on the forum, because it's merely a scan of a ridiculous biology paper.


4.tif is the 8-channel version created by the GIMP.

5.tif is an untouched scan.

Thanks for all of your help and effort.

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Paint.NET uses GDI+ for loading TIFF images. I've often seen GDI+ map a lot of various errors over to "not enough memory". So GDI+ probably just doesn't know how to deal with 64-bpp TIFF's.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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