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Outline, cut, paste?

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First of all, what an awsome program. After downloading and registering in the forum, I spent 3hrs. last nite just playing around, getting a feel for what it can do. So cool, however I am a little stumped. It could be that I'm not using the right keywords, on the search engine. So I'll apologize ahead of time if I am being redundent.

I am trying to outline and cut individual elements out of image, inorder to build a "palette" of images, free of any background. The goal is to be able to manipulate one element at a time then insert them into a collage. I just know, it's certainly do able with some combination of lasso, magic wand, layering, and cut/paste but so far I haven't quite got it figured out. A simple example would be to take a picture of a boat on the ocean, and be able to outline just the boat. So now I have an image of a boat (no background), which I can play with. After manipulating the boat, I would like to be able to, place it in another image. Like a picture of the desert, or the moon, so on and so on, with other images with no background.

Hopefully I got what I'm trying to do across. Any input would be appreciated, or if this has been covered before, hints on keywords for my search. If ya can't tell I'm new to Paint.net. Thanks.

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