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Glow effect plugin

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haha i wish i new portuguese


Yepp you win!!!!

Thanks, i thought it kinda looked like a hottwheels commircial or something.

Any like the fuzzy look to the "after" yingyang?

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the plug in just adding white light to the object that what makes the object looks glowing. Is there any posibility to choose what color of light i want to add on the object ? I am about to create a superman figure which having greenish glowing from the Liquid Kryptonite...something like that

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I don't know which website you are talking about, but the "Glow" effect is already in paint.net as a default effect. You can find it Menu Bar > Effects > Photo > Glow.
If you can't find the glow effect, then you might want to double check your version of paint.net. (you should at least use paint.net 3.5.11, but your better off with paint.net 4.0 if you want support from here on the forums. See forum rules.)

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