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MOMA - Update 080827

Max Power

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You should have read the small printed ;-) There is no XBox to win.

Uhm and actually the game is called Where's Kermit (don't mistake with Where's Waldo) and in this game you have to find Kermit and his friends. In future there will be some other manips I guess.

And in this picture there are only 3 Muppets. Big Bird and his reflection in the car count as one. And the "other Kermit" is actually Elmo.

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Actually I thought that the one camouflaged in the asphalt was Kermit, not the big bird ! :lol:

So I can see Gonzo (the one I made a red circle around), obviously Kermit, the others are characters from sesame street, so the question is where's the 3rd muppet? I can't see it! :?

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And Gonzo is NOT in this picture.

Mmmmmhh, I am not sure about that, look:

Can you see Gonzo inside the red circle or is it just my imagination? :shock: (I've inserted a picture of gonzo for comparison)


Weird...normally do people on shrooms see unicorns, not gonzo xD

I guess this is the joint of the aerial, who can see this very thin aerial with some imagination.

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Nice manip. I see you lightened the mountain and greenery around it. Most users would use the water reflection plugin on the reflection but you used wobble. Great job! I'd make the stones less visible though.

That's the water reflection plugin, just add some wind and blur it.

Additional to those manips you can add a tube oblique, so that's not a parallel horizon. Does anyone understands my gibberish?

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