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Pretty Darn Neat's PdN Gallery (Updated April 5, 2008)


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Really nice stuff.. I am new but a bit experienced and I have to say you are very versatile and diverse with the program and try a lot of new things hehe I luv the bubble car! Visit my sig gallery if you get the chance.. Personally I especially like the depth in the PDN buildings pieces and the birds add a nice touch!


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Thanks CJ for the comments. I like the buildings too, I call it "Looking Up". The birds were imported from stock and downsized. I mentioned that in the original post in the old pictorum, but I forgot to include it here.

Yes, I do like a variety, but these differences mainly come from working throught the tutorials here and trying to learn the program, like the photomanips for instance aren't my favorite thing. I'd rather create from scratch, but learning how to manipulate ohotos will of course help you in other areas, so I try to do them all.

Thanks again.

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Hi Pretty Darn, I noticed we used quite the same welcome approach (but you offer a lot more goodies :D ) and I swear I did not peek! :D

Your drawings look cool (did not know that the sound was that :D ) so you are also good in free-hand drawing besides being cool with the rest of Pdn stuff!

You know I love those Pdn buildings (and think they were not appreciated as much as they deserved) and also the realistic image with the collection of pictures and some of the spheres too but that little toon bubble car it is love at first sight: it is cute!

Looking forward to see more of your work and now I think I'll accept that offer for a champagne cup, Cheers!

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Thank you Topezia and mman6460

Your time and comments are appreciated.

mman6460 - I like the DB9 too, it is my current desktop. It was done from a tutorial here on "popping out a picture" I believe it was called. Thanks again for the visit.

Topezia - That toon car was a lot of fun. I did for a friend on another forum that was going on a trip and had to ride in a tiny, cramped car with three other people and a lot of baggage, two cats in carriers, and a lap dog! Not a trip I would have wanted to take. :mrgreen:

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