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color "overlap" question/request

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I am looking for a editing effect similar to one I found in Corel photo shop (I believe). It was a tool that changed the color of an area of a picture. similar to using a pain brush but this only changed the hue, leaving any shading or highlighting.

does anyone have a plug in that does this. or is there a built in tool like this one?

sorry if this has already been covered, this forum is massive and I havent been able to find this anywhere.

below is an example of what I mean. Take a look at the eye and the lips, I did the rest with general hue adjustments.



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You can use the Hue/Saturation adjustment under the Adjustments menu, or you could try painting in a solid color on a new layer, then changing the layer's blending mode (something like Overlay should work well). You can change the blending mode by double-clicking on the layer name, then changing the Mode drop-down under the Blending heading.

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