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JPEG Photo Files Not Recognized By Any Non-Paint.net Program

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A few days ago I edited several dozen photos with Paint.net for some eBay auctions, taken with my 8mp Kodak P880 taken as JPEG photos in Fine quality. Mostly I was cropping and resizing, but adjusted contrast, brightness and some other tweaks on about 5 of them. With each and every one of these edited photos, I clicked on "Save As," renamed the file and selected the JPEG option for file type. I tried uploading these photos last night when I set up some auction listings and the eBay photo uploading program did not recognize them - it spotted some older edited photos for eBay in the same folder that I had saved a month or two ago (and believe I used Paint.net for those photos, also), but not a single one of the recently edited pics. Several other programs I have, including Windows Media Center, likewise did not detect these files. I could find them using My Computer/Windows Explorer, but they were listed as an unknown file type and would not open. They did open with Paint.net, so it does not appear that they are damaged or corrupted files.

Although I have the usual grumbles about the program not being quite as intuitive as it could be, now that I've gotten used to it after playing around with it a bit, I do like it and it definitely offers a range of features and capabilities about halfway between the Photosuite and Paintshop Pro photo editors I have installed on my main computer. However, if I was writing a review of the program, the inability to save to an actual, universally readable JPEG file would knock it down about 2.5-3 stars out of 5 in my rating, and renders the program more or less useless for me, considering that I intend to use it on this computer only to store photos, share them online with friends and family, and upload photos to Snapfish for printing.

Anyone have any idea why Paint.net has created its own mysterious, proprietary and stealthy version of the JPEG format and even more importantly, have a solution to cure this problem, short of starting from scratch using another photo editor on the original JPEG files?


- Paint.net v. 3.22

- Win MCE 2005

- Pentium Dual Core e2140 @2.4gHz

- 3gb DDR2 PC5400 667mHz RAM

- MSI P6N SLI FI motherboard

- Visiontek 256mb Radeon HD 3850 video card

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Did you put a period in the filename? Or, perchance, add the .JPG extension to the filename yourself (with the keyboard)?


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