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Rotate/Zoom Units

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What are the units for the X and Y Pan boxes in the Rotate/Zoom tool?

I'm looking for an easy way to linearly translate objects a specified amount (without using the mouse and without pushing the keyboard arrow keys several hundred times).

I've noticed that if I hold Ctrl while using the arrow keys, it moves in increments of 10 pixels. Perhaps a control to change this increment could be introduced. If/when a more adjustable grid is implemented, perhaps the grid width could control the Ctrl+Arrow Key movement amount.

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The X/Y pan boxes refer to where the center of the image ends up as a fraction of the width/height of the image. Leaving it at 0, 0 causes the center of the image to stay in the center (no matter how the image is tilted). Setting it to 1, 1 causes the center of the image to be placed in the bottom-right corner of the output image, setting it to -1, -1 causes the output image to be centered on the top-left corner.

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