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I recently saw a picture that was turned black and white. It then was done so some of the colors showed through. The subject was a child with a rose. It was done so well you could see the childs strands of blonde hair. My question is can paint.net get that exact to be able to get starnds of hair without showing the skin or ribbons that are attached to the hair? If so how can I attempt to learn to do this? I have used the eraser but now way can i get that precise.

Thx in advance,


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You might try the "magic wand" within Paint.Net to highlight the hair. Then use the sharpener to make the hair more pronounced. You can download sharpener plugin in the plugin formum. Read instructions on where plugin goes in the plugin forum.

I have not played around with "magic wand" that much for your application but believe it will work.

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