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Pluberus gallery


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UPDATE - Due to school work, etc, I have decided to only update my deviant art () for times sake.

Here is my gallery. I will add photos/pictures as a create and upload them. Criticism is enjoyed, I love being corrected, as I can only get better :D ! All my work is 100% PDN except for stock images, unless otherwise noted. All names are from left to right. (Click images for fullsize)

Backgrounds/Wallpapers/Photo edits and manipulation





Universe, Universe 2, Impressive, and Peaceful Sunset

th_Universe.jpg th_Universe2.jpg th_impressive.jpg th_PeaceSunset.jpg

Blood, Halo Abstract, Fire Spiral, and Blue Matrix.

th_Blood.jpg th_HaloAbstract.jpg th_FireSpiral.jpg th_BlueSpiral.jpg

Bright Moon, Weaved Orb, Dented Ripples, and Animated Rain.

th_BrightMoon.jpg th_WeavedOrb2.jpg th_DentedRipples.jpg th_AbstractOrb.jpg

Animated Rain, Silver Spartan, Borealis, and Blue Ripples.

th_RainyMan.gif th_SilverSpartan.jpg th_Borealis.jpg th_BlueRipples.jpg

Distorted Orb, Lone planet, Suspended orb, and Aged Gemballa.

th_DistortedOrb.jpg th_LonePlanet.jpg th_suspendedorb.jpg th_BlueGemballaAged.jpg



th_Gears.jpg th_PDNGradientLogo.jpg

4Rappelz.com Logo, GodzGlory clanmate sig idea, GodzGlory2, and GodzGlory3

th_4rappelz.jpg th_gg1.jpg th_gg3.jpg th_gg4.jpg

Faded Sunset, Thatched Fox, Firefox Abstract, and Flaming Name.

th_FadedSunset.jpg th_FirefoxFlameBasket.jpg th_firefoxtest.jpg th_FlamePluberus.jpg


Gray stars, Faded Gray, Scratched Metal, and Bloody Weave


By the way, I LOVE the new Pictorium forum. Thanks!

If you wanna check my deviant art, (I probably will update this more than my deviant art :D ) its http://pluberus.deviantart.com


*The silver spartan stock image comes from ICGAMERS. I simply made it black and white and sharpened for a cool desktop background.

*Faded Sunset is a photo manipulation. I faded it from Black and White, to Sepia, and back to an over-saturated original color image.

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I agree with Kerry that sunset one is beautiful. is it done from scratch or a photo modification?

you know some of the small items can be displayed side by side. instead of long lists. I asked about it in the general area just the other day . viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23482

very lovely gallery. look forward to seeing more!


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Thanks for the compliments/criticisms all! I appreciate it.

Oma: I'm glad you like how I reorganized my gallery.

Now........to break my addiction to shape3d's spheres.

EDIT-Added some more images, including: Halo Abstract, Blood, Gears, GodzGlory 1, 2, and 3. What do you think?

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24x4 day bump :mrgreen:

I don't think bumping is allowed in these circumstances.

I thought bumping rule was suspended in the pictorium? Bump allowed if no response in 24 hours? It has been 4 days and no response.

@janetsue: Thanks, lots of people say they like it, but that's actually one of my least favorite works...

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Instead of necessarily 'bumping' you could just 'update' with one of your other images. This both bumps, and adds to you gallery, which allows more people to check out your stuff.

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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