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How does it compile on win2000 ?

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Why Paint.NET source code can't compile successfully, and I read in the Paint.NET web site


Source Code

Interested in looking at 105,000 lines of code? This can be useful for students, developers, or anyone interested in checking it out for educational or other purposes. It has the following system prerequisites, which are gone into more detail in the included readme.txt (it also includes download links where necessary):

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

Tablet PC SDK v1.7

2.6 source code: Visual Studio 2005 Professional

2.5 source code: Visual Studio 2003 Professional (not Visual Studio 2005)


That's said: I can't run this source code at Windows2000 machine, right? If I want to compile source code on window2000 server, how to do these? I using Visual Studio 2005.

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