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Should adding/deleting layers be excluded from history

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I've thought about this a few times before. Is having add/delete information of layers in the history useful to anyone? Is it even possible to remove it.

This is the main reason I think it should be excluded...

You're working on an image for half and hour or so, and you can't shake off the feeling some thing's wrong. You look down at the layers window and cry out in exasperation...

You've forgotten to add a new layer (and of course at the very start).

If the add/delete layers information was excluded from history you could go through history to the time you messed up add a new layer and go forward again, no problem.

Please leave your comments.

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Sorry, but that is horrible logic for removing an option...

i agree and if they did remove it... it would be a nightmare for me, because i sometimes by accedent press the delete layer when i need the layer still, so with out it *breathes* i would have to start everything over again :?

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No, it shouldn't. I undo a layer add, duplicate, etc. all the time.

Besides, it's literally not possible - every step builds upon the one before it. Nothing can be removed because the entire image would be changed. It's like Jenga- remove a block at the bottom, the entire tower falls.


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I think it would be a better idea to be able to select and lock a layer so it can’t be edited.

As it is now. I suggest lowering the opacity of the layer you won’t edit. That way you will notice quickly if you are working in the wrong layer.

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