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Drawing a kid

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Hey, I want to know how to draw a kid or either an adult because I'm trying to draw one and can

t somehow get it to look like one, I tried searching but no luck so anyone has a tutorial or know one can you please post the link or tell me where it is?

Thanks in advance

EDIT:BTW,I'm trying to draw a teen or an adult skateboarding.

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ugh, i cant get to it right now, for now bolts method should help you. just find a random person then use ink sketch and study it to learn how to draw it. Here are a couple tips ill give you. This is the grid i use when drawing a portrait. Now remember there are things like ash's eye tut that can be used for the eyes. But any ways. Heres the grid. Look at this grid. The one i just drew up is a little sloppy bu thats okay. Try to figure out how to modify those shapes into eyes, nose, and mouth, its pretty simple. If you cant figure it out ill help you.



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Okay i took it a step further. I drew a series of images to show you technique. You cant just start off drawing exactly what you want to draw. Your brain just doesnt work that way. First i create what i call a 'Skeleton'. Its just a really simple line drawing that i expand on. The line drawing shows the action and the shape of the body.



Now ive built on this 'skeleton' and created this. Keep in mind there were steps between these two. But these are the main ones.


Here's an example of that face diagram i drew for you. This shows how the eyes fit.



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