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Simple Drawing to Scale

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Dear Members

I am a first time user of any paint or drawing computer program, green as grass.

As a sculptor , making line drawings of various simple objects i design is important.

Drawing these to accurately to scale similar to engineering drawings on my computer instead of using pencil and paper, is my objective in choosing Paint .net

Despite hours of searching your help and forums i cannot find any way to measure or control various dimensions of drawing objects other than the "Ruler" which appears not accurate enough for my purposes.

The attached example drawing on paper may explain what i mean.

Would anyone like to help or am i looking for the impossible?

Best Regards i Claudius


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...but you're probably better off with a vector graphics program like Inkscape.
I'd hate to turn you away from Paint.NET, but I Like Pi is correct. A vector program is far better for line drawings than a raster editor (such as Paint.NET is), as the manipulation of lines is made far more manageable thanks to the core of vector graphics.

With the suggested program, you will still have the X/Y coordinates available to you, plus that of more features - including re-editable lines and shapes, which is something Paint.NET lacks. It would be better to try both applications and see which will better suit your kind of work, but both I like Pi and I (plus other members) would heavily suggest Inkscape.

Once you have created your vector work, you can save it in a multitude of formats from the small, compact and dedicated SVG (and variants), to the widely-used, pixel-based PNG, and with the state of graphics software today, it will be hard to find something that won't read either.

'The right tool for the right job.'


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