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Air Brush and Spray Paint Effects

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I have been using Paint.NET both personally and professionally since its first release and I love it. Thanks to everyone for all their work in development and to those who create those wonderful plug-ins.

There are two functions that I often use, and have to go to other software when I want to use them :roll: : airbrushing and spray paint.

Please advise if these are available somewhere, either in Paint.NET or in a plug-in.


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For an airbrush:

1. Go to the plugin section and download Sabrown100's Custom Brush plugin. (It's stickied)

2. Find the "Share Your Custom Brushes here" and look for usedHONDA's post on the first page. After running the Brush plugin once, download usedHONDA's brush and extract it to My Documents\Paint.NET User Files\Custom Brushes. Restart Paint.NET, run the plugin, and on the left pane, there should be an airbrush. Enjoi.



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Thanks Frozen, but that is not quite what I was looking for. Actually, what ncfan posted (thank you very much) is closer to a "spray paint can", but unfortunately is not interactive enough for my needs.

An airbrush is similar to a "spray paint can" but with a sizable brush, variable spray density and a variable transparency. You use an eyedropper to absorb the surrounding color(s) and "speckle" it over an area so that "blemishes" are removed. It must be interactive with the existing image to be effective.

This is the function they use for magazine models to hide tattoos, pimples, etc. :shock:

Anyhow, thanks for the info and for now I will have to keep using alternate software until someone comes up with one. (Sorry, my programming skills are far too rusty for me to attempt to build a plug-in).

I am grateful for your prompt and 8) response.


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