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Exporting slices

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Love love paint.net! Thank you to all who contribute in it's development!

I was just curious as to what's available as a plugin, or what's the status on a feature that would allow for exporting slices of a paint.net project?

I did some searches in the forum but only came up with some hits concerning 'slices of pizza' :?

Anyway, if anyone has an input on this I'd much appreciate it.

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The only way that it can be done at the moment is to flatten your image if need be, use the Rectangle Selection tool to select and crop, then save. (Then undo your last actions and do the same process again for the other sections.)

There other methods for a faster process - such as creating a slice template, applying the template to the desired image, selecting the template and cutting (therefore making uniformed cuts far easier) - but the above is the basic principle behind it.

There is no plugin that can do such a task now, but plugin developers have come up with out-of-the-ordinary plugins before. But then again, why create a plugin when manually does it just as well? This is a task that Paint.NET was built for - photo/image editing.

Also, good on you for searching :). Don't forget there's also the Custom Search Engine for Paint.NET and the Forums, too: http://searchpaint.net.

Does this help?

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Thank you for the pointers on how to do this in Paint.net. Seeming like a bit much, I've opted to use Serif PhotoPlus 6 for my slicing and dicing needs and it seems to work pretty well. I now prepare my images in Paint.net, or otherwise, and then open them in PhotoPlus to cut them up.

Hopefully some gifted soul will develop a plugin to accomplish this functionality in Paint.net.

Take care,


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