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Is this better?



I've been wanting to tell you this Lego. Try working with contrasting colors, not just several random colors. Contrasting colors would be ones on opposite sides of the color wheel. In some of your sigs, they seem too rainbow-ish. Try sticking to colors reflecting to the render. Read some photoshop tutorials on DeviantArt. Oh, and one more thing. Try to work on more of blending the render in instead of just CTR+V it in. Try to smudge a little bit of the render to blend it in. Also, try duplicating the render and pasting it on a layer below the main render layer. Then enlarge it by Zoom/Rotate. Then try to G Blur it to give a feel of depth. You want people to look at your sig and be like "Wow, this looks like there is a feeling of 'deepness' to it!" ... Work less on the background, and more on blending and depth'n the render into the rest of the sig.

I'm not saying all of this to insult any of your work. Quite the opposite. You have a amazing feeling of what a good sig looks like, just, IMO, you need to work on your flow and depth and color contrast. Try, to keep the render away from C4Ds and Blur'n over the render, and keep that to the edges. This will help it to make the render feel more like it's in the sig, rather than on top.

Phew, long post. :)

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Thanks for the advice..It's true that In my new generation of signatures that I have stopped working on the render as much (these aren't all of my tags.) so I'll go into a new gen and start doing what you stated. Truthfully, most of the backgrounds produced by me are accidental and are experimented through color blending modes... So random colors are constantly produced. Ill try to use complementary and split - complementary color schemes more often.


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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