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looking for colored glow and transparent tutorials

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I want to know how to have a colored glow around text and pics.
Duplicate the image/text, and on the bottom of the two identical layers apply either a drop shadow (a plugin in the Plugins Forum), or a Gaussian Blur (Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur) to which you can recolour using Hue/Contrast or Curves (both found in the Adjustments menu).
Also, I wanted to know how to make a background transparent so it doesn't show up on signatures.
You could try the technique given by Tendou as this is very quick and easy, if a little 'rough'; it does not suit everybody.

As an alternative, but not necessarily a better alternative, would be to either use the tutorial 'Cutting Out Images the Easy Way', or an alpha mask, which, although long and tedious, can (depending on your outlining) give far better results than the previous two methods. (Alpha Mask: plugin | tutorial.)

Try all three methods and see which you feel most comfortable with.

If have you problems finding anything, there are two two search facilities available to you, the built-in Forum Search and the Paint.NET Custom Search Engine. Both can give varying results to say the least.

Also, do not forget to save your final flattened work in the .png format as this supports the full range of transparency.

Does any of this help you further?

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