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Salu's gallery!! Updated 5/22: vector lilly


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thanks ^

@ topic

well this is my new symbol for Sweetnut :D


hows it?

That's really cool, but look at any thorns IRL and they're not jaggy. :P

thanks :D

I love the Sweetnut symbol. Sweet! If you do want to smooth out the thorns I would outline it with line/curve it works for me. The stained glass look is excellent and the colors are great.

Thanks :D hmm.. i will if i need to blow it up :D

Edit:@ everyone

it can also be used as a paint brush....

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sorry for the double posting but


one of my other best works ... go to my DA to full view it :)

Did you do anything with PDN on this?

ah! yes, the picture doesnt look like that originally and the outer edges as well :D i found a trick to make the picture from dull to colorful :D

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