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@Helen thanks you for such continued support. You've helped me stay focused on this one and to really keep at it even when I thought I'd bitten off far more than I could handle. It was such a complicated image for me to do but you always were there spurring me on with positive attitude. You are such a great friend.

@Barbieq same thoughts I have of you. both here and on PDN Fans you come to bolster me when my confidence in my ability to complete starts to flag. another genuine friend. :lol: isn't that wine bottle just the cats meow. My own private blend :lol: the glass of bubbly red is actually one I did awhile back called "Love Potion" just thought it should find its way in here.

@Aislin thanks you. I've come to know you a bit better thru our couple of PM;s and I can see why this little chit of a gal would appeal to you. Thanks for coming by my gallery and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it. come by any time, there's always something on the go.

@Kemaru thanks for stopping by. the lilies were one of the early images I did using smudge, just before I did the tulip image. and the fruit do you recognize the pear? remember the blur painting pear tut I did awhile back. and some of the wip shots from pg 20 of my gallery? The bowl is an abstract, can you now see where those distraction yellow blurs were intended for in that abstract. ? In the small version its hard to see the little bowls shadow but I tried to have it look like glass reflection on the table. pehaps it shows better on the large version.

@Libby that was a great call on the hand. I forgot to recheck a layer before I flattened it to make the picture for here.

I went back in and just rechecked the two layers.

one on the left is from above. one in the middle was just the hand lightened and the one on the right was an alternate hand and part of the chair lightened. I most likely will not go back in and change above as it is now classified as last years work. If she by chance makes it into another image it will be a change that will absolutley be done. Once again great call and good eye!


method copy just the hand portion onto a new layer, use brighten and contrast and lighten then blend the lightened hand layer by running a transparent gradiant up from the middle of the hand towards the elbow. good method for adding shadows and highlights. this also is part of how the hair variation of tones is done. along with some blend of multiply.

@Frontcannon welcome to my gallery I'm so glad you stopped by. As I told Kemaru I once did a tut for a simplified version of this same pear. viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28453 The blur shading is the same way I've done most of the ladies skin and facial features. The hair is not difficult just very very very time consuming and detailed. Yes very many layers but this is my major work for the year. This is just part of the file, there are also similar files on the wine bottle and the flowers and the background art. and yes like all I try I put full effort, and involve more than just brain engage, but try to also add from inside my heart and soul. Each image is like a little piece of me I share with all of my friends here.


ciao OMA

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I have to say that is one of the greatest images i have ever seen done with paint.net. Actually i am going to have to say that is the absolute greatest image made in paint.net to date. It is just astounding how much work and detail you put into the image. I can see that you worked hard and put in your heart and soul into this piece. It is just so amazing and inspiring to see such a detailed and awesome picture done in paint.net. What a great way to start end the year and begin a new one.




"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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sokagirl I'm sorry I missed out thanking you last post. you snuck that one in under the wire. between the time I was typing in notepad and when I added my last message. so sorry I missed thanking you. I truly appreciate you took the time to stop by.

Chad what nice things to say. I'm flattered, but I think there are so many great images done in paint.net, especially by my friends from fans that it would be hard to say this is best. It is true I put much effort in and use every plugin trick available make my pictures more complicated and more intricate. I'm just glad it inspires some to try something new and a bit more challenging. My thoughts are better to draw a poor image than not to try at all. with enough practice the drawings will eventually get better.

Welshy.... how in the world could I ever hate you? The inspiration piece had a beige dress and beige satin slippers. I tried for black satin but the shoe area is just so tiny that any lighting and shading detail seems to just get lost.

So just out of curiousity I tried something sparkly it also looses lots in the downsizing but here is a quick look. I'm not sure I like shoe this way but thought I had better try just to be sure and to let everyone know I consider their suggestions even though I don't always use those suggestions in the current image.

Note: in this one I turned back on the hand lightened layer as mentioned by Libby above.

The little gal didn't get much rest already she is being brought out into 2010 for a little trial revisions :lol:


what I tried here on the shoe. I took the same shape from the ring (which is the same teardrop shape as used in the bowl) made a maniac and used the plugin collage paint. I set it at 45 and uniform. Won't use it on this image as it makes the shoe too bold for the image, but I'm going to use that in another idea that's starting to form in my head.


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@csm725 thanks you for nice complement. I put on pg 74 some work in progress pictures just so you can get idea of how some of this is done. Also my da gallery I have an old tut that shows some of the basics I use when doing faces. Like I said to some of the others above, I use the same blur painting method that I show on my pear tut, and you see it in some of the wip shots of the hummer (in this gallery) the snowman tut has a real simple blur painting in the carot nose. I've seen your work and you seem to be doing quite well with your images, I can see you tackling something like this in the future. You have more drawing skills than I had when I first joined here so once you get the hand of more plugins you will get more depth in your work.

ciao OMA.

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@Janettsue.... oh it is so nice to see you drop by! I was just at wallymart yesterday to get some Xmas pictures printed as I wanted to send you one by e mail. They gave me a disc of all the pictures we took with our 35mm this Christmas. Right after I'm done here on forum this morning I'll send you a Christmas pic. I received your card it was so funny. How'd you get the president to sign it? :lol: so funnny!

Ps I'm on my way over to WelshBlue's gallery to snitch one of those wooden crates I saw in his shipwreck picture, and I'll pack up some of this home brewed wine to send you. Its strawberry flavoured and ummm so good.

@Sokagirl a Tiara? no didn't think of that. now there would be a challenge for me. Right after I do the other 10 challenges I've on my list. :lol: How about you give a tiara a whirl, you've got the tallents, and I'm sure all of us over on PDN Fans are willing to give pointers.

PS I think that alpha masking that Peter uses would be a good start point, and check the tut Sargon did on the jewels.

PSS take a look in one of the threads over there, There is a spot I show one of my first disaster attempts at making a gem from Ash's tut. Its hillarious. Chances are if I promise a Tiara I'll end up with a garbage image. :lol: but promise I'll think about it. In the mean time "Crack" that's my whip lets have a peek at what you can come up with..

@Goonfella :lol: good word been so long since I heard that one. :lol: Thanks for the nice word. And want to thank you again for the support you've given me during the making of this image. Like Helen and Barbie on fans you always seem to be there when the energy starts to faulter.

@Aislin "giggles" Mary Poppins.! maybe you can do the umberella and suitcase for my Mary Poppins to carry. :lol: that ought to be your little challenge from me this year. It is a totally different art direction than your usual.

ciao All thanks for looking and the friendship.


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I had some free time this afternoon and managed to fix some of the errors in the princess

clickable thumb


includes some fixes

edit Jan 3 2010 I received quite a few comments re jaggies. They would have evened out in the intended final smaller size but they were annoying even in this work piece. So I've blurred out as many as I could no easy task on a flattened image at one and two pixel wide selections. so if I missed any let me know exactly where and if possible I'll get them fixed. IF POSSIBLE...

also for the little ray of sunshine that asked for a Tiara sorry not this image but I did add some sparkles to the head piece just for you.

I jazzed up the shoe as that was another area that needed some work. shiny shoe with a flower now.

sorry the table has to stay this way,,,too many cuts to adjust flattened picture.

and yes I did lighten the gown just a bit so the shading in the dress that took me ages shows more. and I also turned back on the layer where I lightened the hand on the chair.


the thumb picture will take you to my DA gallery view it at full size there for all the little details to show. .

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I love the shoes! And I love that you take people's comments seriously, it's obviously not necessary that you change based on what people say, but it's still exciting. The hand is great! I really did love the image, I hope you got that from my previous comment as well, I didn't mean to sound critical. :) (And I liked the other show attempt back somewhere in the middle it was really cute.)

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Libby the reason I listen is because you made serious comment and offered good artistic advise on improving image.

I like to try to do the changes people recommend. Sometimes I like the change sometime not, it is always easy enough to go back to my original. This way I can at least offer everyone a view of what the change will look like and a reason I use or don't use in image. I don't try every change as I've been here awhile and know when some suggestions just are not the look required for my image. But all serious artistic suggestions I try to work in. Those you eventually catch on to, it will become effident who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't.

If I show a possibilty mentioned by one of the others it allows them to judge with out doing a full image if what they mention will look good in their own work or if their thoughts need more of a work thru.

In this case of the lighter hand it was in original file but I forgot to turn on the layer.

In the case of the shoe, Welsh offered good comment. It looked incomplete and it was a challenge to spark it up and jazz it a bit without being over the top. My thoughts were shinny diamonte shoes would be too bright but I need to check incase my gut instincts were off. (I showed that quick version last page... I thought diamonte was too bold but yet Welsh was correct the shoes needed something. so I worked with that challenge to give more highlights with out loosing them and more artistic interest with the tone on tone black flower)

On the other forum I belong to Helen advised me very early on to darken the makeup and facial brightlights and dark shades, that added much realism to the face. Sargon mentioned red highlights for the hair, and that is what made the hair come to life and give it real depth. Both of these were comments that really helped, so comments I never take lightly expecially from those with artistic eyes.

The jaggies were not so evident on this version here in paint.net because I had done largeand then downsizied, but they were still too visible in work copy. I took the oportunity to hone my skills at repair when I worked on the other little bits and pieces mentioned

and the tiara well that just wasn't happening here in this one too far to go back and change out the hair and all so the little sparkles were added for miss sunshine soakagirl.

I did lighten the dress because my eyes are so bad I work much lighter and at end darken the image to be what most others view. when I first posted I had darkened too much even for those with excellent vision. So it was just a matter of lightening it just a tiny tad.

I listen Libby because I try for better art. I listen to those who have something worthy to say. I try not to listen to nasties, those guys I usually snub.... :lol: :wink: oh shoot I only snub them a little bit I try to be nice unless they really try to take too big of a bite. :lol:

ciao OMA

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thanks LibbyH that's nice of you to say that.

On this one I won't be doing any "MAJOR" changes ""For sure""

it was just a challenge to myself to do a better deer than last time. I made such a colossal mess of that one previously, I slated it in for an early retry of doing a proper deer. As Lance so diplomatically put it in post below,


I remember seeing your previous version and thinking it closely resembled a dog more than a deer. This time around, however, I do see a definite white-tailed deer that's so common in rural Virginia.

Lance was too nice to say it as it should have been.

I would more correctly put it ""My last attempt at drawing a deer well :lol: It looked like an extremely bad science experiment involving a deer and a wild rabid dog. :lol: ""

I do not have a tablet so everything is done just mouse. no shape 3d very min of plugins. fracture, frosted glass, jitter, I recall using. also gradiant bars, true blur and transparency. if I think of any others I'll edit this and add but I don't seem to recall using any other plugins. most of this is just straight gradiants and brush work. ( pm answer not downloaded brushes! it is paintbrush built in the little :PaintBrushTool: with blurs check my pear tut for a very brief run down of method.... this used at least 1000 or more blurs or so it seemed. :lol: )

I've still the pdn open so I may try a bit more brush/underbrush and wooded area in background. but as you can see from the inspiration piece its fairly blurry background. now completed

I just noticed still the rack on left requires more dark shading (its frosted glass and true blur over gradiants for the person that just pm'd me ) now completed

hope you enjoy this one.

ciao OMA

PS I put the comparison between my inspiration piece and my drawing at end. I'm not 100% accurate but it was just a personal test piece and the photo was just for inspiration and some guidance for color and shading areas. .





#1 before the final fixes

#2 with some changes as noted by Lance below re darker shadows and ears and darker antlers

#3 final clean up of leg area pixels and added background foilage trees. (early season buck coming onto trail from deep bed bush)

#4 inspiration photo I used for color and shading ref. and to try and improve my hand at drawing.

conclusion I did manage to do a better deer :lol: big test to my skills this one. I think its my best. wow!

ciao OMA

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Couple of things I can see: 1) the antlers need darkening a bit on the left rack. In the photograph, both racks are dark because it's a mature deer. 2) I see portion of the ears having trace of the background (green) too close to its ear. It's almost like smudging got carried away a bit. If you wanted to, I'm sure that you could darken the shadow a bit to give it more definition.

Overall, a very good work, and near realistic piece. Probably much better than your previous version. I remember seeing your previous version and thinking it closely resembled a dog more than a deer. This time around, however, I do see a definite white-tailed deer that's so common in rural Virginia.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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@Lance those were minor changes so I went ahead and updated above post

hope that's what you meant by your critques . the racks still have the velvet in the picture I've worked from. must be early in the season for this buck.

thanks for the valuable critique if that's not what you meant by darkening let me know. I still think perhaps a bit more dark brown yet need on left?

didn't use any smudge so not sure where I went off on those ears. might have been part of the fracture I used for smoother fur texture, not sure. but I took the eraser and mag up to 800% to pixel by pixel to get those out of there. Hope I've not missed any . I actually didn't even see them until you mentioned them to me. What can I say but bad eyes acting up most likely.

I guess I may as well continue with a background of thick brush/thicket trees since I've still the PDN open.

ciao OMA

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..... ...... ..... ...... ....... ....... ...... ....... ...... Oma, you left me speechless. Extraordinary talent is inside you. Wow! (left a comment on devianart). :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

Glossy Galaxy Ball---How to Make Foliage
My Gallery

PDN Fans--My DA

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That's one of the best realistic pieces I've ever seen. Most of them just don't look right, have perspective issues or are flawed by the obvious use of Shape3D, but this one's one of the few that just look absolutely perfect. This has to get in the official pdn gallery.

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Oma, I didn't noticed the change until you mentioned you did, and I went back. Wow, what a difference it made! Hmm...if you could smooth out the edges of the deer, I think you will have nailed this piece, and it would make another wonderful addition to your already impressive gallery. I did a lot of scrolling up and down between your inspiration picture and your "canvas" piece. I can say that they are becoming very very close. You got the shadow spot on, and that's where I meant to darken. Cheers!

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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