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updated bunny in my garden pg 33

its snowing a blizzard outside my back door tonight so this is absolutely wishful thinking on my part.

everything is 100% Paint.net no outside renders. Although I did hand draw the outline sketch for the bunny and scanned it. my hands just were not up to the detail in the line tool ..




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thanks you Welshblue, picture is nearing completion but still needs those final tweeks.

everyone else see prev page (page 33) the picture is open for critiques now ....it is nearing the home stretch and I can see some problem areas, some I know how to fix others well I need some suggestions. It is drawn as best as I can draw at this point so be nice.


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Great Oma! Love the garden, flowers, trees, texture, the sky, the bunny and his ears with that inside pinkish are lovely just like a peluche! I think you should work a little bit more on the bunny cheeks and nose, may be a little more big the nose and just a little more protruding cheeks?

Just my opinion,


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I am VERY pleased with your fantastic work, Oma. It's superb and naturally outstanding. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, but yours are worth three thousand words. Nice job there, Oma, once again. :!: :!: :!: :!:

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@Storm.Shadow thank you very much for the nice kind words. My drawing skills are improving but still have a long long ways to go. This was a challenge for me but I'm pleased with the finished product. I was going for one of those pictures that looks like cartoon cell paintings. Not dead on but closer than I've managed before.

@Welshblue thanks at the rate your work has been increasing in complexity I'm sure you will surpass me shortly. :wink:

it would be interesting what Janettsue, Helen and myself would come up with. all three of us have totally different styles. :lol::lol: might give the kiddies some real nightmares :lol:

@Helen thanks 3000 words now that's ""verbal"" :lol:

@Goonfella thanks you I'm glad you liked this one.

@topezia great call on the nose and bunny cheeks. I've added them, and they just make such a difference.

thanks everyone.

ciao OMA

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Amazing work on the finished easter piece, the lighting feels better now... and omg, the bunny has a pouch, aww! :D :D

:lol::lol::lol: you mean she's carrying a hat or do you mean a paunchy fat belly :lol::lol::lol: the fat belly is from dipping into the easter chocolates on the way to your house. sure hope there are a few left by the time that bunny gets to where you live. :lol::lol:

It's probably the best rabbit I've ever seen made 100% in any photo editor, even with an outside sketch. Great work, I admire your skills.

thanks I'd have been able to draw the outline using line tools (ovals and squares and lines) if I wasn't having so much trouble with aches and pains of old age right now. Besides I'm too impatient I had the idea for the fur in my mind and wanted to capture it on screen before I lost the thought.

ciao thanks for looking I'm glad you enjoyed this one.


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ahhhh that is so nice of you to say that. I do really try to do my best in my pictures. You all keep me on my toes... :lol::lol:

I love how the bunny turned out..even better than I hoped. I'm fine doing long haired animals but I can't figure out the short hair variety. every time I do one I get annoying lines. I have to figure out a good stagger system that doesn't look so uniform ... I keep plugging away at it and it will come to me.

ciao thanks for leaving a comment. so many look (count over 16600) but few leave comments.

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attempting that bird yet again....... this is the one I wanted in the bunny picture but it wasn't just working out. I've found a good site that shows drawing the hummer (on paper in black and white) so I'm re doing my version from scratch, adding texture and colorization . this will be 100% paint.net. no outside renders at all. thought some of you might like to see the process.

GOOD SITE FOR LEARNING TO DRAW ON PAPER http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/219/1/1/ho ... ngbird.htm

draw it on paper first get the steps down then draw with line tools in the paint.net

starting the drawing there could be many changes yet in this prelim drawing before I start doing the textures. :lol:

just want you to see the process I use. can you see the round circles outlines? for head , upper body and the lower body. can you see the u shape for the tail feathers

can you see how I joined the bill and made the throat section of the hummer?






current status note using new plugin in trial (by Tim) had to improvise to get direction running in the correct direction. (select copy from texture layer, paste in new layer, and rotate to proper direction then erase out any excess outside of the lines of original drawing. )

NOTE: my humming bird is in different pose from the one in the picture I'm using for a color guide

so don't be telling me its too fat etc. different angle folks. that picture is just there for the colors placement. :lol::lol::lol: I did different angle like in the drawing tut mentioned in link above. now I need to find a good picture that shows me the colorization of this birdies back. :wink:


anyone notice the nice eye? button! plugin

amazing what a few shadows will do to give a picture depth. still working away some of the shadows may still be toned down or shiften in direction. but wanted to see if what I'd imagined was going to work. notice by looking at it. I really don't love the wings too squared off. they looked fine in original black white drawing but see when colored and shaded they need to be rounded.

current status fixed all the wing feathers


entering the final stretch on the bird now to start the background flowers. They need to be completed before I can do the final colorization steps on the bird.

so here is how the birdy looks near completion

I just noticed the motion of the tail feathers got cut off will need to fix that before going to much further. Fixed in final picture. :lol:

Are they in the correct direction. I've been niggling back and forth one time moving them to the rear of the bird another having them shoot downward. can't figure out the correct areodynamics for the position of the blur. Ideas anyone.



starting the flowers for the background of this picture of the humming bird



current status flower one will work on flower two tonight and the buds tomorrow. hopefully have now gone well past this stage see next pictures work on flower two well under way (different angle)



well as you probably guess I'm getting antsy to see if my intended direction this picture is headed is still on track it may change up a bit and of course the bird needs to go in but looks not too bad so far.

few stretch and pulls required on some of them flower petals required yet. :lol:

but this is still fairly close to the intended direction. NOTE" I didn't finish flower two yet but it is coming along real nicely.


and almost done!


rounded off the birds body just a bit more (gray shading down front edge of belly) and added some dark areas in background and fixed the stamens of the flowers so they were not so flat. (added more colors orangish and lighter yellow pixel painting) also redid the top of flower two that was just not right. I forgot to recheck a layer of highlighting in origianl flattening. now I've fixed it and it flows more from head of flower to stem area.


absolutely 100% paint.net not a render or smudged bit in it. dimension acheived by mostly blur painting menthod I showed in the pear tut.

Answer to question on how I did feather


Also, I was just asking for the mini-tut on the feathers as you wanted me to post in your Paint.NET gallery instead of DeviantART. :D

see page 44 large pictures and explination are there as mini tut




ta da.....

now are you ready we start all over again doing feather 7 exactly the same way.

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:lol: @becauseiwantedto on what do you think the three of us could work on at the same time....

@Welshblue thanks for the vote of confidence on the hummer. Its something I want to do very well on. I'm shooting for the stars but going for actual realism looking bird.

check you pm's I've sent you a pic of where this one is heading. :lol::lol::lol: everyone else just has to wait.... for next instalment of the wip above. :wink:

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