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Background and double imaging!

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clarification of what frozen byte said

you are lucky the mods are busy at the moment they generally lock threads with generic titles.

you should read the rules here is the link viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446

I'm sure its #6 you need to look at.

for now maybe just edit your post and change the title.

but quick answer is up top screen right side is the search button.

your search keyword should be something like layers.

many topics there a combination of a few should get you off to a good start.



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learn to use the search box upper right hand side type in cut out pictures. you are going to find a tut comes up on doing that called cut out pictures the easy way version 2. always the first post will be the lesson plan on how to do something.

really that search button will teach you more than ever. all these types of questions have been asked and answered oodles of times.

ciao OMA

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