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Easier way to save layers?

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Ok, so I created all the frames for an animated sprite I'm making in Paint.NET. Each frame is a different layer. Is there any easy way I can save each individual layer as a *.GIF without having to copy each layer into a new image and then save that image?

Thanks ahead of time

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Hi! Welcome to the forums! At this moment in time there is no other method for saving each individual layer as an image other than the method you have described. I believe I have heard something about batch file processing coming sometime into the future, and whether or not this feature incapsulates the request you are making is beyond me.


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Hey there "I Like Pi",

I downloaded and tried your .dll

Works great but I'm a little confused about "how" to save the file.

When I click on "save as" It places the current layers in the folder on the desktop, but it also (because "save" asks me where to save to and I am in the "save to desktop" folder) puts a copy of the .gif file (unopenable of course) on there as well.

Is there a certain way to do it so that doesn't happen, or is that just a side of effect of the "quick and dirty"?

Anyway, it works. I've made a couple of test files. Thanks!

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